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Christy Hoskins is a high energy, entertaining, and engaging speaker who delivers powerful presentations full of relevant and effective tips, ideas and resources. Her passion is helping others succeed in business and she comes prepared to exceed expectations and inspire excellence. 

Christy is available for keynotes, breakout sessions, panels, moderating, luncheons, association events, sales rallies, client events, and training. 

The most requested topics right now are:

  • Leveraging LinkedIn to Grow Your Business and Brand
  • Personal and Executive Branding 
  • Social Media (covering a combination of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter)
  • Relationship Selling, Creating Value & CRMs

Presentations are also available for topics that include business strategy, sales techniques, leadership, women in business, marketing, and company culture. If you have something you’d like customized or a topic not listed, click here to schedule a call.

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Christy offers advisory services that can be customized to fit your needs.

  • Hourly Consulting
    • Meetings via phone, video conference or in person. These can be scheduled on a recurring basis, based on project needs, or individually.
  • Individual Sessions
    • Half-day or full-day sessions that can cover several topics. These include but are not limited to brand building, career strategy, presentation skills, executive presence, business strategy, content marketing, promotional marketing, LinkedIn strategy, project planning, creative collaboration, ideation, change management, company culture, PR strategy, leadership development, executive branding, personal branding, employee development, CRM strategy, adoption, social selling, relationship selling, communication skills, sales techniques, event planning, online reputation, brand strategy, copywriting, executive presence, networking strategy, photography and video planning, business development, soft skills, recruiting tactics, scripting, and additional creative services. 
  • Executive as a Service (EAAS)
    • A valuable service when you don’t have an executive-level or senior leader for marketing, sales, or strategy. Whether you aren’t ready to bring on a full-time executive or are in between executives and need to fill the gap, this service can help with guidance, feedback, navigation, strategy, planning, driving change, ideation, oversight, creative services, mentoring, development, consulting and resources. 

To discuss advisory services click here.

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A variety of additional creative services are available with advisory, training, and speaking services as time permits. Some of the services include copywriting, internal and external communications, photography, basic videography and animation, graphics, marketing pieces, print collateral, business card design, posters, personal branding pieces, social media content, ads, resume services, presentations, newsletters, template designs, scripts, playbooks, promotional items, paintings, songwriting, office design, and creative event planning for trade shows, customer events and internal events.

To discuss creative services or something not listed click here.

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Connect with Christy on LinkedIn to talk about working together or to read her latest updates and recommendations.

To reach out through this site or to sign up to receive tips and templates you can put into action, click here.